Polish for foreigners

If you are a foreigner and eager to learn Polish language and know our culture, sign up for the course today! We offer professional Polish language training in Poznań and its neighbourhood.

What makes us distinctive?

High quality of teaching




Positive attitude

Why Lingua Stricte?

We are qualified teachers of Polish to foreigners. Years of experience have taught us that nothing is impossible.

Our enthusiasm and energy are contagious.

With us, you will learn every crazy grammar rule.

We focus on communication (you will speak faster than you think).

With us, you will achieve fluency in speaking, reading and writing.

After a few classes you will gain confidence in interaction with Polish people.

To learn Polish you need to have a way
and we will show it to you!

Our methods of teaching:

  • We use our own teaching materials, coursebooks, multimedia as well as authentic supports.
  • We use communication and language games.
  • We teach vacabulary for everyday life, whole expressions and idioms.
  • We adapt the programme to your particular needs and linguistic capacities.
  • Our courses include the elements of our culture, traditions and customs.

Is Polish hard? If your answer is YES, it means you haven’t met us yet!


We work only with the best tutors. We are enthusiasts of Polish language. Contact with foreigners gives us great pleasure. Not only do we pass the knowledge about Polish language, but we also are curious of other cultures and customs.

Our tutors are always:


They make Polish course enjoyable and stress-free

We guarantee a quick progress in learning!


We provide trainings:

  • beginning at any level, from elementary to advanced
  • individually or in groups
  • for children, teenagers, adults
  • to prepare for the exams

Additionally, clients may choose place of the course (office, home).

Business Polish:

To begin a training BUSINESS POLISH, the client should know the basics of Polish grammar and be able to use the language in common everyday situations. Therefore, it is important to know Polish at least at the level of A1 +.

The course covers:

  • official language
  • subjects and vocabulary according to the specific industry
  • presentations
  • negotiations
  • telephoning
  • writing formal e-mails and other documents

We also offer:

  • „MIX POLISH” training
  • General Polish with the elements of Business Polish
  • training on business culture in Poland
  • what you should draw attention to in business meetings
    what to avoid
    what makes cooperation easier

Clients may select days and time of the course.

Polish Via Skype

  • Learn how to make small talk in Polish conversation
  • 85% of conversation, 15% of grammar
  • anywhere in the world

The devil is not so black as he is painted

See for yourself!


The price depends on the type of the course, its frequency and the place of learning.

Our clients are foreigners from different corners of the world. Become one of them!

Price – Polish Via Skype

the type of the course the price the amounts of hours
General Polish
Individual lessons
39 PLN / 45 minutes
44 PLN / 60 minutes
12 h
3x per week
44 PLN / 45 minutes
47 PLN / 60 minutes
8 h
2x per week
47 PLN / 45 minutes
50 PLN / 60 minutes
4 h
1x per week
Exam preparation 50 PLN / 45 minutes

Payment outside Poland 14 USD – 60 minutes

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