Foreigner support

To meet the needs of our clients - the learners of Polish
as a foreign language, the senior employees who encountered difficulties
regarding both formal issues, as well as everyday situations after
arriving in Poland, we decided to implement a new service.
Support for foreigners, expatriates in
relocation and assimilation in Poland.

The main purpose of our service is a quick
and stress-free adaptation to the local practices
and customs prevailing in our country.

Who is the offer aimed at, who benefits from this?

Expats who are moving to Poland for professional reasons

Guests from abroad

Individuals who have decided to live and work in Poland


Why is it worth using our services?
Because you will…

Save time and money

Avoid stress and many misunderstandings steming from cultural and language differences

Have the feeling that you may rely on someone in a new situation

How can we help you? Process of relocation and legalities Process of acclimatization / Assist during a stay

Process of relocation and legalities

  • Support in the legalization of stay – preparing necessary documents, applications; contact with the offices; help to get visas & permits
  • Handling documents in various offices, e.g. receiving NIP / PESEL / a driving license
  • Finding an accommodation - booking a hotel, listing apartment offers, contact with tenants, support in making the tenancy agreement legally binding
  • Support in moving, e.g. renting the moving agencies
  • Opening a bank account
  • Car rental

Process of acclimatization / Assist during a stay

  • Organizing a language course
  • Organizing everyday life, e.g. doctor appointment support
  • Translation services
  • Interpreting during business meetings
  • Budget control, e.g. rent fees
  • Helping the family adapt to a new place of living, e.g. finding schools for children
  • Organizing free time, e.g. touring before the relocation
  • Assistant services, e.g. administration, etc.

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